Hairdresser and his stool – the perfect duo

Comfort in hair salon is regarded as its greatest value, greater even than an interesting design and quality of basic services. In this situation, however, we forget that not only the customer should feel at the hairdresser comfortably. Hairdresser should feel the convenience as well at this point, because he will be working for many hours per day.

A great help for him may be a professional hairdresser's stool on wheels, called hoker. Hairstylist can sit on them at work, contributing to relieve the spine and improve his working position.

Hairdressing stools

The good one`s cost 300 PLN. Most of the models do not have the seat back and moves on five wheels. It also has a gas or oil (rarely) regulation of the height , so that it can be adapted to the needs of several hairdressers at the same time. The regulation of height is varied, usually in the range of about 60-80 centimeters and you have to notice that the scope was not too low or too high for different users. The seat should be comfortable. It can be thick, and there are stools with seat up to 8 cm thick, but not necessarily. Good hairdressing stool usually have imitation leather materials used to covering that allow us to choose one of 40 different colors.

comfort armchair

Some of the people work better using the stool with back rest. Hairdresser stool with backrest is a simply chair with a small, sometimes adjustable backrest.

Stool moves on the wheels. Their base is usually a five-pointed, star-shaped. It is hard to find the different ones. Every once in a while the wheels will need to be replaced and then it is worth to invest in products with a hard rubber that will not consume too fast and will not damage the floor as well. Their cost is about 65 PLN. Usually there is no need to look for a special wheels fitted to your stool model. It is universal enough to purchase them as they almost always fit. You can buy wheels from one company, which will be suitable for hairdressing stool produced by other company. The replaced itself is also very simple and should not take more than a few minutes, even a person without manual skill, and such a hairstylist does not.