Hairdressing stools for professionals

Hairdressers stools do not have to be expensive. Products of good quality, recognized producers can cost even 250 PLN. It appears on the market of course, a whole bunch of much more expensive offers, which are characterized by an interesting aesthetics and a number of regulatory and amortization mechanisms.

Added to this is an additional functionality, for example, small backrest and footrest. In this case the brand of this piece of equipment in hair salon is not without significance. The brand suggest the quality of workmanship and so that its durability of construction.

Features of a good stool

The most important function of stool is of course, providing convenience to hairstylists. For this purpose hairdressing stool must be properly shaped, according to the anatomy of person. Stool’s seats can be varied, so you have to consider what option would be the best for us and will best fit into our design of hair salon. You can also decide on the stool with backrest if this option is desirable. It is necessary to discuss the matter with the employees because they have different techniques and different preferences. Stool should fit to everyone personally, so if you wish a particular version you should get one, because ill-fitting stool does not relieve them of the spine pain.

 Hairdressing tools

We cannot forget to adjust the height of this equipment. Stools in this respect are similar only at first glance, because there are different mechanisms of  lifting (hydraulics) and they provide different maximum reach. Taller people will need higher hairdressing stools. Too low stool will only make the job more difficult. To improve stools versatility we can invest in a model with height-adjustable backrest. An interesting option is also ability to change the slope of the seat.


The quality and functionality must always be an absolute priority, because the stools are not part of decoration, but important part of workplace equipment. However, aspects of the stylistic and aesthetic stools should not be completely ignored. The best idea is to choose stools at the end so that they can well matched to the interior.