Can every hair dryer be good for hairdresser’s studio?

Hairdryer is a device which can be found in every household, as we all need to dry our hair after the shower or a bath. Today, there are many various models of such equipment, but are they all good choice for hair salons? Definitely not! To offer professional services to your clients, you simply cannot use ordinary hairdryer for home use or its minimized tourist version. You have to buy good quality devices, which are meant for hairdressers. They may cost much more than simple hairdryers, but it is for sure a necessary investment.

Essential functions of professional hairdryers

A hairdresser who wants to equip his or her salon with the professional devices of that kind, should definitely buy them in the stores which specializes in selling such products for hairdresser’s studios. That way we can make sure to purchase good quality products with necessary certificates. 

Many people think of hairdryers as devices which are used only for drying hair, as it seems obvious. But that simple piece of equipment is also very important during hair styling. That is why professional hairdresser’s salons should be equipped with hairdryers with useful functions and for example with additional caps. Thanks to that, creating wonderful hairdos will take less time and will be definitely much easier. 

hairdryer proffesional

Interchangeable caps of various kinds are meant for different types of hair styling, so you should make sure, that the hairdryer you pick is equipped with such extra elements. Many hairdressers also decide to purchase hairdryers with ionization, as clients appreciate this specific function. Ionization closes the husk of the hair, which results in hair looking smoother and much more shinier, and that is exactly what every client likes the most.

Hairdryer full of power

The parameters of professional hairdryers are also extremely important. We should definitely make sure that the devices we choose have appropriate blowing power. Hairdryers available on the market today may have the power between 1000 to 2300W. For long and thick hair we need a device with a greater power, which guarantees faster drying of the clients’ hair. But for short and thick hair, lower power will be just enough.

The cord

Another important feature of a good hairdryer that we sometimes forget, is the length of the cord. We need to make sure that it is long enough, as it will allow us to do our job comfortably. If the cord is too short, the movements of the hairdresser are limited, so he or she cannot concentrate only on the client’s hair.