Perfect straightener for hairdresser studio

Every hair salon which wants to offer the best possible service to its clients, need to be equipped with a very good quality accessories. As you can imagine, there are many of them, and they are all essential in hairdresser’s work. One of such elements of salon’s equipment is hair straightener, and because of that we need to choose really carefully between different models that are offered on the market today. 

The most important parts of every hair straightener are the plates, which may be made of various materials. Nowadays, you can buy straighteners with Teflon, titanium, ceramic or tourmaline plates. But which of them is the best choice for the professional hairdresser studio?

Straighteners with Teflon plates

While using any device on your clients’ hair, you need to make sure that it won’t damage it. That is why, many hairdressers decide to choose straighteners with Teflon coating, as they are known to protect the hair from too much heat. But you need to remember that not every Teflon hair straightener fulfill its function well. The devices which are made only from Teflon tend to heat up unevenly, which is a huge problem, and they are not very resistant to damage. That is why, you should choose straighteners that are enriched with other materials, such as ceramic and diamond, as they eliminate such faults.


Straighteners with titanium plates

Titanium straighteners are perfect solution when you need to deal with very thick or curly hair. Straightening them is usually a very hard and time consuming work, so you should have some powerful equipment to make sure that the final effect will be satisfying. And that is why you should pick a titanium straightener, as its high power is one of its main characteristics. They are also a very durable devices, which is also an important advantage.

Straighteners with ceramic plates

Without any doubts ceramic straighteners are by far the most popular devices of that kind on the market. Their plates are very smooth and thanks to that the hair also look smooth after straightening them. Plates made of this material heat up evenly, so we don’t have to worry that hair might get burn.

Straighteners with tourmaline plates

Tourmaline straighteners also become more and more popular among hairdresser’s, who want to make sure that clients’ hair won’t be damaged during their visit in the studio. Negative ions, created during straightening with such device, protect the hair even when we use very high temperatures and guarantee that they won’t get burnt.