8 Unique Haidresser's Salon Decorating Ideas

If you're looking for inspiration to rearrange your hairdresser's salon, you should start your research on Pinterest. In this article we present a few décor, design and storage ideas which we have managed to find online. We hope that they will give your space more personal look.

1. Rethink storage of tools

Storing and organizing all styling tools in an aesthetically pleasing way – for example brushes and hair dryers – may be truly hard. One of the interesting solutions is to get inspired by Freestyle Systems and install a retractable cords overhead (within a lighting fixture).

2. Always use features of your space

No matter if your hairdresser's salon is placed in a hotel, an industrial loft or a residential, remember to take advantage of your space. For example, salon of Anthon Cristiano uses the great panorama windows and plays with the light due to all-white décor.

3. Remember about your entrance

Setting the tone for your activity as soon as its possible is very important. The clients should feel one of a kind vibe the moment they walk in the door. You can use a front wall to make a statement: opt for neutral, earthy colors to create a calming effect or choose something which is bold and bright to achieve more wild look.

unique hair salon design

4. Create unique product wall

Product wall should not only gain your clients interest, but also make your interior more stylish. Let's try some new things and incorporate innovative elements to make it look more original. Try mix products with plants and other décor stuff and place all of that in wooden boxes.

5. Care bout architectural details

In the POSH Hair Studio something amazing happened: curvature texture of the walls goes hand in hand with lighting and looks like wavy and curly human hair. It's hard to imagine something more extravagant yet subtle at the same time...

6. Don't be afraid of quirkyness

Show your eccentric personality to your customers. If you do that, your salon will stand out of the competition. Little details, like funny heart-shaped mirror, will create an unforgettable experience.

7. Little things matter

Speaking of that: details are absolutely crucial. They may impress your clients as nothing else. Such a tiny detail as cute appointment cards with your logo can be a perfect way to warm up the image of the brand. Make sure that an interesting, personal touch is visible all around your hairdresser's salon.

8. Stick with your theme

If you have chosen a particular theme, like boho, diamond or eco-consciousness, just stick with it and incorporate it everywhere (starting with décor, ending with equipment). Such clear but unique theme helps with standing out and strengthening the image of the brand.