Hairdressing furniture- how to choose the proper one?

What should be our major determinant when choosing furniture for hairdressers? Looking through the offers and the catalogues of producers of furniture can be a big problem for their selection, among huge amount of projects, colors and styles that are currently available. How it is possible to choose something special for us, which will help in achieving the success and contribute to its popularity?

To begin with, the hairdressing furniture besides the beautiful and elegant design, they should also have a high comfort for the hairdresser and the client. They have to be practical and comfortable. They cannot cause discomfort, numbness of the body or other unpleasant sensations. We must to remember that customer satisfaction depends on a whole range of factors, not just the end result of hairdresser work. Even the most beautiful hairstyles do not make adequate impression, if they are obtained after a long time sitting in an uncomfortable position or on a hard seat.

Interior design

It is very important that the customer feel good and freely from the first beginning in hair salon , which will contribute to an increase in his satisfaction and well-being. It cause that he will want to come back again and leave money again. Moreover, he will recommend our salon to his friends. In the hair salon there are a few key furniture, which particularly affect on the comfort and convenience of the customer, such as: hairdresser chair, hair washer, hairdressing stools and console. Today we will focus on the chair and stools.

comfort armchair

Hairdressing armchair

Hairdresser chair should be practical and aesthetic. Matching style to the character of the whole arrangement of the hair salon, the color is important as well. Most salons put on quite a dark color or perfectly clear, because it is the easiest way to integrate them into almost any decor. Even if you change the color of the walls or addictions, the plain seat in muted colors always fits. Of course, none hairdressing chair is everlasting and for example after some time the white one will be dirty, and the dark one will discolor. But in the meantime the owner will purchase a new model, through the convenience which will provide customers and hairdressers.

The most popular chosen hairdressing chair are those with height adjustment, usually equipped in the hydraulic pump or gas, that great simplify the adjustment. Chairs are not cheap, this is usually a very serious expense. However, it is worth to invest in it because it will have good influence on the feelings of customers.

Hairdressing stools

They turned out to be an excellent solution for hairdressers. It is known that every hairdresser most of the day working while standing, so the most strained are the legs and spine. Hairdressing stools allow hairdressers seat during their work and create on our heads new masterpieces. These stools are adjustable in height, which is easy to change and adjust. Offer which we present on website have a wide range of models that will fit into any interior.