Customers asylum in hair salon – waiting room

Waiting room in the salon is either the place where the customer can take a rest and relax while waiting for the service, or the place where he will be impatient waiting for his turn and complained of falling on his head clothes and buzzing hairdryer close to the ear.

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In this second situation the client can even escape recognizing a five-minute waiting time for the service to be too long. That is why, it is an essential to organize the waiting room, which will provide the comfort, offering possibility to deal with something in meantime, for example an interesting book while seating on the cozy armchair. Armchair or sofa here have a huge importance, because it is a part of equipment decisive for customers comfort. If it is a soft chair, where you can quietly relax  with the magazine in the hands -our mission will be a success.

Chairs in the waiting room are always better to replace a sofa, where customers will be comfortable and will have more freedom of movement. Its arrangement  should provide the customer opportunity to take an interest in something, even if the movement of passers-by outside the window.

waiting room

They must also have close to hand a newspaper or something like that. Typically, hairstylists are trying to set the sofa, so that it was visible from the street and working area as well. It allows the customer to watch the hairdressers during their work and focus on them in anticipation of the service.

Then time passes much faster. However, one thing the owner should remember about is to keep the tact. The customer sitting on the couch should not be exposed like a mannequin on a front window for people crossing the street, but there should not also be too close to reception desk, where he will feel uncomfortable and that way will distract people, who work there.

What matters, of course, the aesthetics of the whole interior of hair salon. Style arrangement and range of color are issues highly individualized. Waiting room can be part of a whole place, and can also be aesthetically clearly separated from it, even by completely change of different colors. Regardless, usually it stands up for soft pastel color, whose function is to appease the client and providing him an opportunity to be calm and relaxed.