Hair Salon - Waiting room for customers

How should look like a waiting room for clients in the hair salon? This question has  as many different answers as amount of hairdressers. Everyone has for themselves individual attitude to interior salon. However, there is one rule- in the waiting room customer must feel good.

Very often customers have to spend in the lobby long time waiting for their turn, which is why the comfort is important. It may be decisive on the opinion and re-visits in the hair salon. In the waiting room usually there are customers who came too early for their appointment, because they  do not want to miss their turn, or those who were late and in the meantime someone else came in their place.

For that reason, we should take care of their convenience and give a sense of importance, since it is often the first contact with a hair salon and people that work in it. In the lobby customers very often waiting more than 30 minutes on the sofa with their hair dyed to get satisfactory look on the end. Hairdressers should take special care of customers so that they want to return to the hair salon again. All these situations make the waiting room becomes a special place in the salon, which should be prepared very carefully and with great sense of taste.

What to remember about and what to look for?

A very important element is the colors we choose to lobby. It is widely known that colors have an influence on mood and feelings of human, so it is good idea to read a little about the effect of color on the psyche. Clients often visit hairstylist not only to change their appearance, but also just to relax and to escape for a while from domestic duties.

waiting room design

Therefore, it is important how you design all hair salon, not just waiting room. The lobby should consist from muted and relaxing colors that will let clients to calm down the thoughts.

Technicolor colors we should leave to other parts in hair salon. The best to choose will be warm type of colors such as: peach, beige, caramel, green or yellow toned. This combination of colors will relax and add energy. Here, the main argument in the choice of color is relax and good rest for client. In the other part of hairdressing salon hairstylists should decide which color will fit best with his attitude to work well.

What furniture for waiting room?

Color is important, but also the style in which he will arrange waiting room, as well. Furniture that we put here should primarily be comfortable and elegant that the client could feel unique and special there. Here is no place for untidiness, dirt on the walls or other unaesthetic things. This is the first place in the hair salon, where the customer has contact with everything. That is why it is good to invest in a really good quality furniture, which will bring out the style and quality of the whole salon, it will only help in further cooperation with the customer.