Hairdresser's Waiting Room: Furniture Is Not Enough

Everybody agrees that the most important part of decoring hairdresser's waiting room is the furniture. Reception desks, couches and tables are the first things the clients will see after entering the salon. In fact, waiting room is one of the most important parts of hair salon design – it determines customer comfort may make a good (or bad) first impression. At the same time, furniture is not enough. See what else is important when it comes to salon décor!

1. Colors

The colors of the furniture, walls and fixtures can make a strong impact on the way your customers feel (and how they perceive your hair salon design). Beigy & gold, classy look will be associated with luxury impression. Pastel colors, like lilac & pink, seems more sweet and sugary. Wooden elements juxtaposed with dark shades (for example black, grey or brown) are just perfect for barber's waiting room. Better avoid colors like yellow, red or intensive shades of orange – they're not calming at all, they may cause aggression and anxiety on the contrary. Try to decorate salon in a way which reflects your company visual identity. If you're not sure which colors will match hair salon design best, just order fabric samples. Then you may be able to see how they look in your ligting and space.

Décor Items

You have chosen your furniture and colors. Now it's time to pick a dash of décor in your hairdresser's waiting room. Decide on things that will be remembered by clients, like relaxing water feature, tasteful pieces of art or a huge aquarium filled by exotic fish. Such items will help customers to relax before their turn. You can also use hairdresser's waiting room to display some business information. Don't forget to prepare some colorful magazines to read. If its possible, give your clients an access to the Wi-Fi password. Make sure that there is any easy access to the outlets so the customers are able to charge their mobile devices.

decor items for hair salon

Moody Lights

The lighting in hairdresser's waiting room can set a certain mood and increase the comfort of your clients. Warm and low light feels like home and adds a charming, family vibe. Bright but soft light creates a calm, appeal mood and raises the level of general satisfaction. Stay away from the artificial looking lighting, for example harsh, fluorescent bulbs. Instead of that stay with a natural light – it will make your space look more spacious and friendly.

To sum up: hair salon design, especially within hairdresser's waiting room area, is very important issue to think about. Beyond furniture consider a few other elements, including color, decor items and light.