How To: Design Perfect Hairdresser's Waiting Room

To be honest, no one likes wasting time in a waiting room – it's just something we have to do from time to time. The impression given off by this area could be extremely crucial experience: that's why it's very important to make your guests feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. At the same time, hairdresser's waiting room should be a reflection of what your salon represents. To do it properly, use our few tips about choosing the right furniture for hair salon design.

Reception desk

It should be the central and focal point of the whole waiting area. Everyone should be able to see it from the entrance and access it easily. Desk has to be clan and inviting; you don't want your clients to see the papers and packages scattered all around. To avoid that you should invest in a model with adequate storage. Ensure yourself that there is enough space for all necessity things such as computer, phone, some styling products to sell.
About the shape of reception desk, it should depend on the rest of hair salon design; it may be steel or plexiglass, it's your call. Choose models which provide the high durability and do not forget to measure everything, so the desk could easily fit into the free area.


The same applies to seating – the hairdresser's waiting room needs to look attractive, professional and spacious at the same time. Besides the measurements you have to take care of some important decisions, for example the number and design of waiting room chairs and tables. Let's leave anough room for customers to move around freely; don't put the seats too close to each other. About the seating pattern, you can leave your clients a choice and decide on a U-shaped or square arrangement. 

furniture for hairdresser's salon

While choosing the perfect chairs for hairdresser's waiting room area, ask yourself some questions listed below:
- Are they comfortable? (if not, they'll probably make the wait seem even longer),
- Do they match the size, age and mobility of your clients? Maybe you need to purchase chairs of a few sizes to accommodate everyone?
- What kind of upholstery do you prefer? Natural fabrics are less durable than combination of fabrics and engineered ones. The tighter the weave is, the better. If you have enough money, you can invest in vinyl seating.

Money, money, money

The decor of your salon won't be free. The two most important factors while decorating hairdresser's waiting room are money and time. If you're planning to finish the reception area before that particular date (like open hair salon), remember to leave an adequate amount of time. That will help you reduce unnecessary stress before the big day.