Waiting room in hair salon – necessary equipment

The list of absolutely necessary equipment to the salon is quite long. At this point, we have to focus on this part, to which the client is exposed at the beginning, just after crossing the door of the hair salon. It is all about the equipment to hair salon.

Essential furniture in waiting room are: reception desk, a sofa, a coffee little table and clothes hanger. In practice it is difficult to imagine a lack of cabinet with branded cosmetics, which is a commercial offer for the customer. When creating a lobby we separate one part from the other, which is typically for working. This place should not rather be physically separated from the rest of the hair salon ,but must be separated clearly.

Sofa with a small table, next to which stands a clothes hanger usually are explicit to make this division. In this place is also the cabinet with the most popular cosmetics exposed to clients. Not all hairdressers trades in cosmetics, but it is worth to overcompensate this lack and get additional income from the sale of cosmetics.

hairstyle salon equipment

What's more, if you want to make a good impression on the client you need to ensure a proper reception. It is often marginalized by owners in the beginning, but soon they grow and seriously invest in it. Good, pretty and functional reception determines the prestige of the hair salon and is responsible for the real first impressions. The customer should be properly welcomed and invited to the lobby.

Reception can also attend as a symbolic separation of part of the hairdressing and waiting room in the hair salon. Moreover, you have to look more at the hanger. Its form should be adapted to the design of the salon and there is nothing, for example, in the way that it was a wardrobe, not a hanger. If the hanger is standing, you need to take care of its proper stability. It is also important to  make sure that the capacity of hangers is adequate.